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Find special & obsolete bearings!

"We use BearingNet for buying, it's the most convenient for bearing distributors. Rare, obsolete, x-large, large quantities with short deliveries! BearingNet helped us save our clients & start long-term relationships!"

Maria Obukhova
Ladoga JSC

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BearingNet Time is Money

Time is money...

If you could contact lots of distributors all at once would you

Get a better price?
Work out better terms?
Of course you would!

BearingNet enables you to send many inquiries with just one click of a button.

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A Nairsons

Find new customers worldwide with BearingNet

"We believe ManEx can give us a great start to develop our brand, KT, in an international market through the wide experience of the BearingNet Team."

Bob Nayyar
A.Nairsons Industries India

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BN Network

Be a part of the BearingNet Network...

Interact with over 1800 bearing companies just like you!

List your requirements to companies worldwide.
Being a part of the BearingNet community will help you trade more efficiently.

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"BearingNet allows us to reach customers around the world who normally wouldn’t be accessible to us. We are able to market and sell the old, hard to find bearings that we have in stock and it’s a great resource for us to find information/parts, saving us a lot of time ringing every supplier when we can check who has it in stock on BearingNet! An excellent tool for the industrial sector & a great community to be a part of."

Jonathan Richards - Director
Aire Bearings Ltd

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BearingNet Size Does Matter

Size does matter

Access the largest selection of inventory from more than 1800 Bearing Distributors.

Over 1.6 billion bearings available!
Try a search now...

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About BearingNet

BearingNet is the world's largest Bearing and Power Transmission inquiry system and information service designed exclusively for Bearing and PT Distributors.

BearingNet gives you access to the inventories of of the most important distributors around the world with a combined inventory value of over $10 billion dollars.

If your company is interested in stocking less but selling more, buying smarter and being connected to a vast network of like minded Bearing distributors then apply for a free trial today!


Launched in 1996, BearingNet was formed as the first online inquiry and information service designed exclusively for Bearing & Power Transmission Distributors. The basic concept was to help distributors trade hard-to-find, obsolete or surplus bearings more efficiently and effectively, ultimately by networking the bearing industry together.


To help bearing and power transmission distributors trade with each other faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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ManEx.. Helping Manufacturers find distributors around the world!

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Are you a PT Manufacturer?

Using our existing customer base of 1800 bearing and PT distributors, our ManEx channel offers a platform for you to grow your distributor network, promote your brand and increase sales!

What is ManEx We offer a complete marketing package to help maximise the impact of your campaign by using a range of different advertising
Banner Adverts 2 adverts displayed throughout BearingNet, displayed over 100,000 times per month!
Promo page This is your very own personalised profile. Use this page to advertise your products, strengthen your brands and advertise your requirements to distributors
Advertise and Promote BearingNet will feature you on our social media channels, in our monthly newsletter and emails sent to over 7,000 PT distributors
Watch our video here ManEx video
Full access to our distributor members Access our members list with full contact details and meet hundreds of distributors face to face at our networking events!
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BearingNet Best Bits
Have you seen our latest "BearingNet Best Bit's" Magazine?

We have various spaces available in our next edition which is distributed as a part of our marketing materials throughout the year and at the trade shows and events across the world.

Our magazine has a readership of over 10,000 people! To find out more about advertising opportunities in the next edition contact Nicola – [email protected]

BearingNet Lists

Bearing Bearings 9,058,626
Sprocket Sprockets 129,381
Bearing Chain 80,095
seal Seals 662,469
Belt Belts 398,261
Pulley Pulleys 94,445
Pulley Misc 353,623
Total 10,776,900

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Searches 106608
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New Wanted Items 25
New Special Offers 43
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Wanted items

140 listed in the last 7 days

Last 5 items listed:
24068 CCW33.C3 ( MW33.C3 )FAG-SKF-JAPAN

Special offers

1001 listed in the last 30 days

Last 5 items listed:
XR 855053-903A4- XR 882055-903A5- XR 889058--903A2TIMKEN
SL 18 1876-E-C3-SL 18 18 /500-B-RE-C3INA
F-551471.NU-F-558091 01-F-558477.01-F-239834.NAINA
SL 18 5030-BR-A-C3INA
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